Other Topics

There were various elements of the Driving to Net Zero project that were developed as inputs to some of the resources outlined in other sections regarding planning and codes, siting and installing EV charging infrastructure, and the clean fleet planning. These resources are summarized here. ​​​​

Downloadable Resources

Regional EV Outreach and Marketing Plan

This report outlines a marketing and outreach plan for local governments to pursue to help support regional EV adoption. The Plan provides a comprehensive communications strategy supported by actionable, results-oriented, and flexible activities. Two distinct audience groups are targeted in this outreach plan: consumers (EV buyers) and charging station site hosts.

Santa Clara County 2017 Transportation Survey Report

This report describes the implementation and results of the 2017 Santa Clara County Transportation Survey. Topics include general transportation habits, vehicle buying intentions and preferences, and electric vehicle ownership, experience and perceptions. The survey was distributed to a statistically representative sample, and reached 529 respondents. The findings of this survey were used to help inform the Marketing and Outreach Plan.

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